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Zhigang Bao

I'm an Assistant Professor in Department of Mathematics at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

In general, I'm interested in Probability, Statistical Physics, and Mathematical Statistics.


Email: mazgbao@ust.hk

Address: Rm 3429, Department of Mathematics, HKUST,  Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Postdoc positions are available. Applicants with background in random matrix theory / high-dimensional statistics are welcome.


MATH 2431-Honors Probability, HKUST, Spring 2020

MATH 6450C-Introduction to Random Matrix Theory, HKUST, Spring 2020


21.Spectral rigidity for addition of random matrices at the regular edge

    with L. Erdos and K. Schnelli

      Journal of Functional Analysis (to appear)

20. Singular vector and singular subspace distribution for matrix denoising model

    with X.C. Ding and K. Wang

      Annals of Statistics (to appear)

19. Tracy-Widom limit for Kendall's tau   

      Annals of Statistics, 47(6), 3504-3532, (2019)

18. On the support of the free additive convolution

    with L. Erdos and K. Schnelli

     Journal d'Analyse Mathematique (to appear) 

17. Local single ring theorem on optimal scale 

      with L. Erdos and K. Schnelli

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16. Canonical correlation coefficients of high-dimensional Gaussian vectors: finite rank case

      with J. Hu, G. M. Pan and W. Zhou  

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15. Convergence rate of spectral distribution of addition of random matrices  

      with L. Erdos and K. Schnelli 

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14. Delocalization for a class of random block band matrices 

      with L. Erdos

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13. Test of independence for high-dimensional random vectors based on block correlation matrices

      with J. Hu, G. M. Pan and W. Zhou  

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12. Local law of addition of random matrices on optimal scale  

      with L. Erdos and K. Schnelli

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11. Local stability of the free additive convolution 

     with L. Erdos and K. Schnelli

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10. Spectral statistics of large dimensional Spearman's rank correlation matrix and its application

      with  L.-C. Lin, G. M. Pan and W. Zhou 

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9. Universality for the largest eigenvalue of sample covariance matrices with general population

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    with G. M. Pan and W. Zhou

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7. On the MIMO channel capacity for the general channels 

    with G. M. Pan, and W. Zhou

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6.  CLT for linear spectral statistics of Hermitian Wigner matrices with general  moment conditions 

    with J. S. Xie  

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5. Universality for a global property of the eigenvectors of Wigner matrices

    with G. M. Pan and W. Zhou 

    Journal of  Mathematical  Physics,  55, 023303, (2014)

4. On asymptotic expansion and CLT of linear eigenvalue statistics for sample covariance matrices when N/M\to 0           

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3. Central limit theorem for partial linear eigenvalue statistics of random matrices

    with G. M. Pan and W. Zhou 

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2. Tracy-Widom law for the extreme eigenvalues of sample correlation matrices 

    with G. M. Pan and W. Zhou 

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1. Local Semicircle law and Gaussian fluctuation for Hermite \beta ensemble

    with Z.G. Su  

    Scientia Sinica Mathematica , 42 (10), (2012)


4. Central limit theorem for mesoscopic eigenvalue statistics of the free sum of matrices

    with K. Schnelli, and Y.Y. Xu 

     arXiv: 2001.07661

3. On Cramer-von Mises statistic for the spectral distribution of random matrices

    with Y.K. He 

     arXiv: 1911.04151

2. Principal components of spiked covariance matrices in the supercritical regime

    with X.C. Ding, J.M. Wang, and K. Wang 

     arXiv: 1907.12251

1. Tracy-Widom limit for Spearman's rho



(2019-2022) Hong Kong RGC GRF Grant 16301519

(2018-2021) Hong Kong RGC GRF Grant 16300618

(2017-2020) Hong Kong RGC ECS Grant 26301517 (with RGC Early Career Award)

(2017-2020) HKUST Initiation Grant IGN16SC09

(2016-) HKUST Start-up Grant 

Brief Curriculum Vitae:

Since 2016.8:     Assistant Professor at HKUST

2014-2016:        Postdoc at IST Austria, supported by ERC Advanced Grant RANMAT, No. 338804 

2013-2014:        Research Assistant at School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University

2011-2012:        Project Officer at School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University

2008-2013:        PhD,  Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University

                                    -Advisor: Prof. Zhonggen Su

2004-2008:        B.S., Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University